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Author: Alessio La Ruffa

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Lily Allen Wants To Be Sheezus

Lily Allen is making her comeback with Sheezus. And she’s ripping into other female pop stars in the process. “RihRih isn’t scared of Katy Perry’s roaring/Queen Bey’s gone back to the drawing/Lorde smells blood, yeah, she’s about to slay you/Kid ain’t one to fuck with when she’s only on her debut,” is how the song […]


Top 10 Links of the Week: April 13 Edition

Embed Instagram | EmbedInstagram Sure, Instagram has embed code. But how responsive is it? I found this while looking for a responsive solution for mobile. The Downsides of Storing Files on Your Desktop | Lifehacker If you’re anything like me and your desktop is a mess, this is for you. Disclaimer: My desktop is still a mess. […]


Top 10 Links of the Week: April 6 Edition

I spend a lot of time online. Unhealthy amounts of time, actually. But I do come across some cool shit, that I’d like to start sharing with you on a weekly basis. I save plenty of links to Pocket from Tweetbot and Flipboard, thinking I’ll get back to them to read them, and honestly, that very […]

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#Vodawalk: A Bird’s Eye View of Joburg

A couple weeks ago, a bunch of us local Instagrammers got an email from Craig Rodney, the head honcho at Cerebra, inviting us on an Instawalk on Friday the 28th of March, that was sponsored by Vodacom. Sounded great. What better way to spend your Friday afternoon than missioning around Joburg with your mates and […]

A Quick Photo Editing Tutorial

As you know, I’m quite a keen Instagrammer. Over the years, I’ve developed an editing style, using only one app, Snapseed. Today, I’m going to share how exactly I edit my photos. This tutorial shows you how I do it, but you should use it as a guideline when trying to find your own editing […]

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