Help Me Become an Online Radio Co-Host

I’ve gotta apologise for being so quiet lately, and only reposting content I’ve found elsewhere online. Things have been pretty hectic, so I’m gonna give you the short and sweet version of what I’ve been up to, and what my plans are.

What I’ve been up to

I’ve been doing some work for some of my bigger clients and hustling like crazy. The folks at MINI Menlyn Auto have been giving me some cars to take out for a couple days to take photos of them. Pretty sweet deal. I get a new MINI for two days a week, and they get photos. I’ve started an Instagram account, @justageekdoing (obvs) that takes a close look at my personal life and what I get up to. What you see on my Instagram account is what you’re going to start seeing here and I’m pretty excited for that to happen.

I’ve also hired a business coach. Spillly is one intelligent dude, and he’s helping me turn my freelance gig into a more sustainable full time business. He really knows his stuff and has given me GREAT ideas and much needed guidance. If you think you can’t afford a business coach or mentor, think about it this way: Can you afford NOT to have one?

Even though I live in Pretoria, I hardly spend much time here. That all changed recently, when I went missioning around town with some local mates and discovered some hidden gems. I’ve shared some shots on my Instagram account at @alessiolr, and I’m looking to publish a blog post soon with some more photos.

Uber has also named me an influencer for Pretoria. I used them the other night and the experience was pain free. From connecting with a driver using the iPhone app, to being collected and dropped off, I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I felt like I was being chauffeured in a limo. Totally comfortable and pleasant. If you haven’t used Uber yet, get the app, sign up and use my promo code, k02sn, to get 90 bucks off your first trip.

I’m looking to use online radio as a platform to put myself out there and make my voice heard. I’m auditioning from Monday 9 June to Friday 13 June from 7 to 9am. You can tune in on Luckie Entertainment’s website to listen and if you like what you hear, and you don’t think I’m kak, please vote for me by liking my photo here.

I’m also out and about meeting a whole lot of awesome new people lately. The kind of people that are different. Creative. A little crazy. And I love it.

What my plans are

As I mentioned above, I’m looking at making this blog an extension of the @justageekdoing Instagram account. So that means food, fashion, Instagram missions, MINI photoshoots, you name it. It’s gonna be way more personal and less sharing of YouTube videos unless they’re really relevant.

I’m also looking to launch my business officially soon. If you’re reading this, you’ll be the first to know. I’ve started with my branding, which I mostly did by myself and damn, I think it looks pretty dope for a white boy who has very basic Photoshop skills.

The radio thing will be quite rad if I can land it. I told the folks at Luckie Media that I wanna bring some hip hop and some intelligent relevant material to their station, so let’s see. Please don’t forget to vote for me. I’ll love you long time. And maybe give you a shout out on air.

So that’s me for now. Tell me about you?