A Quick Photo Editing Tutorial

As you know, I’m quite a keen Instagrammer. Over the years, I’ve developed an editing style, using only one app, Snapseed. Today, I’m going to share how exactly I edit my photos. This tutorial shows you how I do it, but you should use it as a guideline when trying to find your own editing style. After all, I’m already doing this, right?

Step 1

This may be really obvious, but you need a decent picture to work from. Editing is only going to enhance your picture, not create miracles. I chose this shot.

#trainsntrees Instameet 94

It’s not totally straight, so I straightened it and started going to work on it.

Step 2

Next up, I went Tune Image, and adjusted Ambience to +15, Contrast to +10 and Saturation to +15.

Photo 10971

Step 3

Head over to Crop, and crop your image in a square format (1:1)

Photo 10973

Step 4

Go to DetailsĀ and adjust Structure to +20

Photo 10974

Step 5

Go to Centre Focus and adjust Blur to 0, Outer Brightness to – 70 and Inner Brightness to +35.

Photo 10976

Boom. That’s all there is to it. Here’s the final result.