Top 10 Links of the Week: April 6 Edition

I spend a lot of time online. Unhealthy amounts of time, actually. But I do come across some cool shit, that I’d like to start sharing with you on a weekly basis. I save plenty of links to Pocket from Tweetbot and Flipboard, thinking I’ll get back to them to read them, and honestly, that very rarely happens, so I’m gonna put them to good use and share them instead.

  1. Online Graphic Design Tool | Canva This is a really cool web app that allows you to create your own designs for social media, presentations, posters, Facebook cover images, etc. Its drag and drop functionality makes it easy to use, plus there’s a 23 second tutorial to help get you started.
  2. 10 Steps To Becoming A Better Writer | Copyblogger I could definitely be a better writer. So I’m going to have to follow these ten steps. Not easy, but essential.
  3. 8 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Instagram | Entrepreneur Instagram is my drug. So anything related is worth reading.
  4. Baby Suiting, A Photo Meme Where Babies Are Dressed in Oversized Suits | Laughing Squid This is so rad, I couldn’t help but share it. And Instagram.
  5. 10 Life Lessons To Excel In Your 30s | Mark Manson These are super powerful lessons, and I’ve been seeing this shared all over Facebook and Twitter. Even though I’m in my LATE 30s, it’s still some pretty solid advice.
  6. Mozilla Webmaker Teaches You to Build Web Sites, Apps, and More | Lifehacker This is the geeky side of me coming out. The folks behind Firefox teach you how to build cool things online. For free. I love the Internet.
  7. Best Of Johannesburg | EatOut Well, firstly, it’s about food. And I love to eat good food. Who doesn’t, right? Joburg has some of the finest eateries in South Africa, we just need to find them. Here’s a list.
  8. 9 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Following (Ethically) | The Next Web For some people it’s a numbers game. Some people will do anything to get those numbers, and sometimes its unethical. Don’t be one of those people.
  9. Ramith Sethi: How To Charge What You’re Worth | 99U This is for all the freelancers out there. Sometimes we overcharge, sometimes we undercharge. Time to charge what you’re worth, which is probably more than you thought.
  10. Famestagrammers: Alessio La Ruffa | F#ck Yeah 250gram! Sorry, I had to put this one in. The cool peeps over at 250gram, now Nifty250, interviewed me recently. So if you wanna see what makes me tick, check it out.